Some commonly misspelled words, accompanied by misspelled mnemonics to help you remember them!

1. Accommodation
Two ‘c’s, two ‘m’s
Every accommodation needs a comfy couch and matching mattresses.

2. Aggressive
Not ‘agressive’, two ‘g’s, one ‘r’, two ‘s’es
A good girl rarely ever said something in Victorian England.

3. Calendar
Not ‘calender’
There are two a’s in calendar, one for April and one for August.

4. Committee
Double ‘m’, ‘t’, ‘e’
Form a committee with two ‘m’s, two ‘t’s, and two ‘e’s!

5. Diarrhoea [US: diarrhea]
“Dying In A Rolls-Royce Having Over-Eaten Again”

6. Dilemma
One ‘l’, two ‘m’s
Do it like Emma.

7. Embarrass
One ‘b’, two ‘r’s, two ‘s’es
Do you go Really Red and Smile Shyly? You might if you were embarrassed.

Embarrassed Michael brought a red rose and surprised Sally.

8. Fulfil [US: fulfill]
Not ‘fullfil’ or ‘fullfill’
If you’re already ‘fill’ed up, there’s no need to be ‘full’ again!

9. Independent
Not ‘independant’
There are no ‘a’s in ‘independent’ at all!

10. Misspelled
Not ‘mispelled’
Her name is Miss Pelled, not Mis Pelled.