1. Where can I find the answers to the worksheets in the magazines (‘i’, Inspire, iThink)?

You can find the downloads here, at the bottom of the homepage, under “Others”.

2. How can I help my children with their English?

Our magazines encompass a wide range of articles that centre on trendy and current topics as well as a set of worksheets at the back to help consolidate what they’ve read in the front.

Here are 2 ways you can use the magazines to help your children with their English.

First, you can start by getting them to read the articles to expose them to a variety of contemporary issues that can help build upon their arsenal of general knowledge. An educator at Nexus International School did so by “using the space articles in the current issue as stimulus for a globalization unit.”

Second, you can get your children to attempt the worksheets at the back after they have finished reading the articles. Particularly for those who are taking the GCE O Level, IGCSE, HKDSEE and the International Baccalaureate, our worksheets are designed to effectively hone the skills they need in order to excel in their English assignments and examinations. Suggested answers to the worksheets can be found on our website in the ‘Downloads’ section for you to review and assess your children’s work together in your own home, at your convenience.

This is one parent’s feedback: “My daughter brought home a copy of the iThink magazine from school recently and I am pleasantly surprised by the rich content, interactive resources and well-delivered worksheets linked with the articles.”