“I have already subscribed to other English magazines (like Reader’s Digest and TIME). What makes the magazines at ilovereading.sg special?”

Our magazines offer a full package solution to your child’s reading needs, from articles written in different styles (narrative, expository, argumentative, etc.) to additional resources such as videos, audio recordings and worksheets to supplement their learning.

One parent, Angela, said she was “pleasantly surprised by the rich content, interactive resources and well-delivered worksheets linked with the articles”. Her child subscribes to the iThink magazine.

Our magazines are also conceptualised and written in Singapore, setting them apart from other magazines. We have MOE-trained worksheet writers and editors who work hard to provide you with content that is useful and applicable to the examination syllabus.

An educator from Nexus International School (Singapore) commended the ilovereading team for providing “quality articles that are locally produced”. In a similar vein, another parent described the magazine as “full of relevant reads for the kids”, showing that ilovereading magazines complement what students learn in school.