Have you ever been tempted to join gangs? Have you ever been asked by your peers to consider joining one?


If bars stand between you and society, how can you be accepted?

Teens may initially feel a sense of belonging in joining a gang. however, what they fail to realise is that after entry into a gang, it is almost impossible to find an exit from the gang! This is because once you are in, gangs will go to extremes to ensure that you stay with them and can never leave. The sobering truth is that the average lifespan of a gang member is between 20 to 25 years – and for those who have managed to live for 25 years, it just means that they have spent about 5 years doing time behind bars!

Therefore, why join a gang at all?

Statistics tell the cold hard truth. do not gamble your lives away by joining a gang.

Here is a speech by a secondary school student prefect to primary 6 students during a school marketing campaign held at a primary school onwhy students should not join gangs and how to avoid the peer pressure of joining one.

Good morning, teachers and students of Fabulous Primary School.

Thank you for your warm hospitality and for inviting me here today to speak to all of you on the topic of gangs, and how each student here can avoid succumbing to peer pressure to join one. Let me first of all introduce myself and how I came to be here sharing with all of you today. My name is Daniel Tan and I’m a prefect at Marvel Secondary School. While presenting a project entitled “Why Students Should Not Join Gangs” at the National Youth Week exhibition last year, I happened to meet one of the teachers from this school, Mrs Lee Ying Fen. When Mrs Lee subsequently invited me to speak to all of you as a representative of my school, and to speak about the topic of my project, I jumped at the opportunity.

To start off, I would like to debunk one of the myths about being a member of a gang that students such as yourselves might have come across. This is the myth that gang activities are exciting and provide many opportunities for members to meet friends, be accepted as part of a select group of teenagers, and have a fun time in the process. I would like to point out that this is absolutely not true.

Let me direct your attention to a poster that my project mates and I did up as part of our exhibit. Based on our research findings, we have found that being a gang member does not mean that you belong, but instead puts you at great risk of harm, including the possibility of getting yourself killed! This is due to the dangerous activities that gangs get up to. Statistics obtained from the website of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports bear out our findings. Besides the possibility of personal injury, you could get into trouble with the law, and even become a school dropout! Is it worth it to gamble your future away by making a wrong choice that you will come to regret later?

Indeed, being involved with a gang is a matter of choice. Most of the time, you may face peer pressure from those around your age group who are already in a gang to conform and join their ranks as gang members. Naturally, as students who are becoming teenagers, you would want to be accepted by your peers, but it is important for you to realise that you have to be accepted for who you are, and not coerced into becoming someone that you are not, such as a member of a gang. In this way, you will then be able to build yourself up into becoming a person with strong self-esteem, who keeps friends who share similar aspirations as you do to make the best of your opportunities in school, and who would not put yourself or those you love in harm’s way.

Remember this sobering piece of advice – “Do not gamble your lives away by joining a gang.” Thank you.



Article extracted from iThink Issue 1 (pages 24-27)
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Written by: Mr Kelvin Yap from