Be Bold, Confident and Ready with “i”

What do you get when you blend English language learning with five cups of entertainment, ten tablespoons of confidence boosters, ten tablespoons of fun and a dash of mischief? The result is ’i’! 

‘i’ is the new magazine for the young selfie generation.

The team is constantly on the lookout for ways to make reading gratifying for the new-age readers. You know they are excellent at crafting witty posts online. Let’s build on that and make them more confident users of the English Language in more formal settings. Inside ‘i’ is a buffet of articles on engaging themes, peppered with snippets of mind-tickling info bites, comic strips that educate and entertain, colourful illustrations and links to refreshing YouTube videos.


Endorsed and used in more than 50 Schools

“i” is an enrichment magazine in Singapore that stands out boldly from the rest. If you have learners who have little interest in reading and cannot seem to get past the first page, or if you simply want to provide an exciting reading experience for your child, let them read i.

“i” is all about the learner. It is an upbeat read that features articles and comic strips of various sub-themes such as Growing Pains (Life Hacks), Line of Work (Career), The Red Carpet (Inspiring Personalities) and Lang Game (language games).

The texts in this enrichment magazine in Singapore follow closely the standard and format of texts outlined in the MOE English Language syllabuses. 

The issue includes essays, reading and listening texts, among others. The use of QR codes for audio recordings of listening and oral activities also makes it a more interesting and effective experience for the students.

“i” also contains info bites, brainteasers, YouTube videos, SEL questions and word-bank.

All 6-in-1 English resource that complements MOE'S 2020 English Syllabus

Trending topics from media

Entertainment of a magazine

Enjoyment of a storybook

Accuracy of an MOE teacher

Rigour of a school textbook

Practice of an assessment book


Thank you for your upper pri oral resources! I'm a school teacher. Really appreciate your work! More importantly, I can see the heart you guys have for children.
- Edwin
Thanks for the fantastic articles, they were extremely well written and engaging for the kids.​
- Lilin
“Thank U!! Fantastic reading material for my kids.”
- Siti
“Thank you for the sample issues. The articles and exercises were really helpful. My P5 boy is a reluctant reader and “I” magazine is a godsend. P/s: I’ve already purchased 2020 issues, reading issue 13 right now.”
- Nuriana

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