True to its tagline, ‘Amazing Stories’,

this magazine features fascinating fictional and non-fictional stories, 

as well as an array of other interesting articles.

At Inspire, we constantly ask ourselves how we can inspire our Generation Z readers to love the right reads. We explore themes and content that matter to them, while also featuring amazing stories of ordinary people who do the extraordinary, opening up minds and hearts. 

The space for students, the InspireModel and InspireTweak section, comes with a more detailed analysis of students’ essays and language notes. We provide a boost to our exam-styled articles and worksheets, with deliberate scaffolding of key language skills over the issues for the year. And we never waver from our promise of exam-styled articles and worksheets, for every section of the GCE ‘O’ Level, IGCSE, HKDSEE and International Baccalaureate, as always.


Endorsed and used in more than 50 Schools

Each issue comprises model essays, situational writing pieces, listening, oral and comprehension texts. Each article/section is accompanied by notes, and the comprehension sections include comprehension questions, crafted carefully to closely follow the ‘O’ level format, while the standard of the questions caters well to the lower secondary students. 

Similar to the iThink Write issue, the Inspire Write issue also includes student essays. These include both model student essays and tweak student essays, the latter being essays that require some improvement. You will find the editor’s comments on the essays, highlighting their merits and areas of improvement. The tweak essays are also modified slightly and the modified essay is printed next to the original one. The student essays motivate our student writers and create an interest in writing. 

The judicious use of images and colour make the issue more interesting for the students and motivates them to pick it up and read. The Inspire Write Issue has received lots of positive feedback from the lower secondary school students and teachers.

Written by educators

 Our staff is made up of ex-teachers who have spent years teaching English and know what it   takes to help students succeed.

Following closely to updated MOE guidelines

Our teachers pay close attention to MOE’s guidelines and use them to craft effective content.

Targeted at your child's reading level

Each publication is pitched exactly the specific level each student is at.

Content designed to help your child do better

Our content is highly engaging and will help students learn enthusiastically. 

Skills section that teaches exam tactics

This section has specific skill sets that give students tips on how to approach exam questions. 

Exercises you can do with your child

Parents can attempt the practices provided to facilitate their child’s learning and pick up nuggets of knowledge too.


“I am from Dunman High School, and I subscribe to the Inspire Magazine. Like its title, this magazine is an eye-opener for me and I really enjoy reading other students' work in the 'Inspire Tweak' and 'Inspire Model' sections.”
- Student, 16
This is Mdm Ong from Manjusri Sec School. I happened to have a sample copy of the Inspire magazine from your company and am very impressed by the quality of its content.
- Mdm Ong
I have enjoyed the articles and they have been great help to the improvement of my English Grades. However, I think it would be great to have qr code for the essays with someone reading it and it will make the reading process quicker and enjoyable. I would also like it if you guys can highlight or underline some of the good phrases or sentences students like me can use. All in all, 'Inspire' has great articles and I really enjoy it.
- YunZhen
“A wonderful resource that is always delivered on time with excellent customer service and keenly anticipated by our staff and students”
- Nexus International School

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