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Learn from the best model essays from all 6 essay formats

✓ Master effective tips on how to write an A1 essay

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Essay writing help

Is your child struggling with how to write a good essay?

  • Do they need help with writing an Argumentative Essay?
  • Are they overwhelmed by the multiple essay formats they need to know?
  • Do they wonder why they just can’t seem to score better for essay writing?
  • Are they confused over how to write a Hybrid Essay?
  • Are they (or you) starting to panic as the O-Level exams draw closer?

There Is A Way For Your Child To Write Better Essays

1. Model Essays with #trending Content

Model essays

Each magazine issue contains 5 different O-Level essay formats that cover interesting hot topics. This allows your child to learn from model essay examples while growing in general knowledge.

2. Techniques and Tips Clearly Explained

Essay writing techniques

Every model essay comes with worksheets that analyze techniques used in the essay so that your child learns what about the essay makes it a model example, and how to do the same. 

3. Immediate Application of Learning

Essay practice questions

Your child can immediately put the learnings into practice with a list of essay practice questions. We also provide a service where trained teachers mark your child’s submitted essays and gives them pointers on what to improve on. 

Tried, Tested and True!

Used by teachers as classroom material and exam setting material, and by students as enrichment to supplement school curriculum.

Helping Students Write Better Essays Since 2014

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Essay writing help

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Essay writing help

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Essay writing help

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Is Your Child Stressed Out Trying To Master The 6 Essay Formats? iThink Magazine Can Help

How to write argumentative essay

Learn how to:

✔️ Write an effective Argumentative Essay introduction with a solid thesis statement

✔️ Use PEEL structure to form coherent and sound arguments 

✔️ Make logical arguments with critical thinking skills 

✔️ Provide depth to your essay with a valid counterargument and rebuttal

How to write descriptive essay

Learn how to:

✔️ Give your chosen subject more character and personality

✔️ Use figurative language to paint vivid images 

✔️ Develop Descriptive Essay ideas using strategies such as ‘compare and contrast’

✔️ Engage the reader’s senses and feelings with lush description

How to write expository essay

Learn how to:

✔️Craft three different types of Expository Essays: discursive, personal, and reflective

✔️ Write clear and accurate topic sentences 

✔️ Use PERMS framework to generate good points

✔️ Weave suitable evidence into your essay with patterns of organisation

How to write hybrid essay

Learn how to:

✔️ Analyse keywords to identify the correct essay types for the question

✔️ Discover unique and memorable angles to write from 

✔️ Integrate features of different text types into the essay through organisation of structure 

How to write narrative essay

Learn how to:

✔️ Brainstorm interesting story ideas 

✔️ Use personal thoughts to create realistic characters 

✔️ Add an exciting twist to your Narrative Essay 


How to write personal recount essay

Learn how to:

✔️ Build up to an earth-shattering epiphany 

✔️ Develop multi-faceted characters 

✔️ Use personal thoughts and dialogue effectively

Help Your Child Write Better Essays

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Yearly Edition
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3 single issues and 1 double issue (the Exam Special), all published in the same year. Content of issues are according to #trending topics of the year of publication. 2021’s issues will be delivered immediately after they are published in February, April, July and August.



Exam Special
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A dedicated compilation that focuses on extra model essays, additional techniques and more tips to better prepare your child for the exam. Exam Specials are also known as “double issues” as they contain twice as many pages as a single issue.

Full Suite
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The full works! Every issue of iThink Magazine, including every issue of the Exam Special, since 2014. Get all the enrichment available to help your child write the best essays they can for the O-Levels. 

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Don’t Lose Out On A Chance To Help Your Child Write Better Essays For The O-Levels

Hey Parent!

The stress to do well for O-Level English is significant, much less the essay writing section which takes up a whooping 35% of the total grade!

Writing a good essay is not easy, but the good news is there are steps to making it possible. It takes a good understanding of techniques required for different essay formats, as well as a sound application of language fundamentals like vocabulary and grammar.   

If you or your child are getting anxious about how to improve in essay writing in time for the O-Levels, don’t panic! There’s something you can do about it. There are step-by-step methods available in our iThink Magazines to guide your child on how to write better essays, and I hope your child gets a chance to learn from our content.

We are cheering you and your child on!

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