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!nspire is akin to a ‘tonic’ to inspire students to love reading, and to be inspired to better themselves. The slew of interesting articles that cover a range of topics in each issue provide students with more than just entertainment, serving to tickle their intellectual curiosity and kindle a love for lifelong reading and learning.

!nspire is an upper primary & secondary school magazine targeted at young readers from 11 years and above.

True to its tagline, ‘Amazing Stories’, this magazine features fascinating fictional and non-fictional stories.

Each issue comprises model essays, situational writing pieces, and comprehension texts. Each article/section is accompanied by notes, and the comprehension sections include comprehension questions, crafted carefully to closely follow the ‘O’ level format, while the standard of the questions caters well to the lower secondary students. 

Similar to the iThink Write issue, the Inspire Write issue also includes student essays. These include both model student essays and tweak student essays, the latter being essays that require some improvement. The tweak essays are then modified slightly and the modified essay is printed next to the original one. The student essays motivate our student writers and creates an interest in writing. 

The judicious use of images and colour make the issue more interesting for the students and motivates them to pick it up and read. The Inspire Write Issue has received lots of positive feedback from the lower secondary school students and teachers.

!nspire  was nominated Best Educational Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2018.

INSPIRE will help you:

  1. Observe various themes and interests
  2. Engage with language games
  3. Encourage practising with exam-type questions
  4. Expose to different writing styles
  5. Ignite the love for reading

Subscribe today to get 5 issues per year for $45.00 (u.p $59.50) 2020 Edition.  New edition/issues will commence every Feb, Apr, Jul, Aug.

Subscriptions Available:
2017 edition - issue 10, 11, 12/13 (sold out issues 9)
2018 edition - issue 14, 16 (sold out issues 15, 17/18)  
2019 edition - issue 21, 22/23 (sold out issues 19, 20)
2020 edition - issue 24, 25, 26 & 27/28 


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