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iThink beyond boundaries

The iThink magazine is a most interesting read to boost the language and critical thinking skills of the upper-secondary students, (and high-ability lower-secondary students). With an engaging mix of thought-provoking articles and lighter stimulating reads, iThink is the one-stop solution to making reading both a leisure and an intellectual pleasure to students.

iThink symbolizes the magazine's focus on critical thinking by adopting the thematic model.

The content of this educational magazine for teens in Singapore is created bearing in mind the current MOE syllabus objectives and exam requirements while maintaining the quality and concept of an interesting non-academic teen magazine.

Each issue comprises model essays, situational writing pieces, and comprehension texts. Each article/section is accompanied by notes; the comprehension sections also include comprehension questions, crafted carefully to closely follow the ‘O’ level format and standard of questions. 

The issue also includes student essays. These include both Model student essays and Tweak student essays, the latter being essays that require some improvement. The tweak essays are then modified slightly and the modified essay is printed side-by-side with the original one. Seeing the essays written by their peers serve as a motivation for our student readers.

Thought has also been put into the page layout and graphics that accompany each article, in order to best engage the student. The iThink Write Issue is popular among the upper secondary students and teachers, and we have been encouraged by the positive feedback.

iThink was nominated Best Educational Title by Singapore Book Awards in 2016 and 2018.

Its content also serves as useful teachers’ resources in Singapore.

iTHINK will help you to:

  1. Be engaged in stories and issues which teenagers face on a personal basis
  2. Develop critical thinking, reading, listening, oral and presenting skills
  3. Prepare well for higher-level essays and comprehension exercises which are important in Secondary school syllabus
  4. Inspire the love of reading Subscribe Today!

Subscribe today to get 5 issues per year for $45.00 (u.p $59.50) 2020 Edition. New edition/issues will commence every Feb, Apr, Jul, Aug.

Subscriptions Available:
2017 edition - issue 13, 14, 15 (sold out issues 16/17)
2018 edition - issue 18, 19, 20/21 & 22
2019 edition - issue 23, 24, 25/26 & 27
2020 edition - issue 28, 29, 30/31 & 32

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