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Reading is a lifelong journey that requires time, effort and consistency. It should be caught and not taught. The habit does not form overnight, rather it is with exposure and constant nurturing that a child hones their skills and deepens their understanding of the world around them. 


With our youth spending the majority of their time in schools, adopting a reading programme helps to facilitate this learning process and scaffold the individual’s cognitive development. Ultimately, this creates an environment that supports their pursuit of growth through reading.  


ILOVREADING.SG aims to supplement our reader’s learning experience by providing a full range of publications catered to pre-schools, primary, secondary, international schools and junior colleges. 


Take a look at what each series readily offers:





The iTHINK magazine is a most interesting read to boost the language and critical thinking skills of upper-secondary students and high-ability lower-secondary students. With an engaging mix of thought-provoking articles and lighter stimulating reads, iTHINK is the one-stop solution to making reading both a leisure and an intellectual pleasure to students.


iTHINK symbolizes the magazine’s focus on critical thinking by adopting the thematic model.


The content of this educational magazine for teens in Singapore was created bearing in mind the current MOE syllabus objectives and exam requirements while maintaining the quality and concept of an interesting non-academic teen magazine.


Each issue comprises model essayssituational writing pieces, and comprehension texts. Each article/section is accompanied by notes; the comprehension sections also include comprehension questions, crafted carefully to closely follow the ‘O’ level format and standard of questions.


Each issue also includes student essays. These include both Model student essays and Tweak student essays, the latter being essays that require some improvement. The Tweak essays are then modified slightly and the modified essay is printed side-by-side with the original one. Seeing the essays written by their peers serve as a motivation for our student readers.


Much thought has also been put into the page layout and graphics that accompany each article, in order to best engage the student. The iTHINK Write Issue is popular among upper secondary students and teachers, and we have been encouraged by the positive feedback.


iTHINK was nominated Best Educational Title in 2016 and 2018 by Singapore Book Awards 2016 and 2018. Its content also serves as useful teachers’ resources in Singapore.

iTHINK will help you to:

  1. Be engaged in stories and issues which teenagers face on a personal basis
  2. Develop critical thinking, reading and presentation skills
  3. Prepare well for higher-level essays and comprehension exercises which are important in secondary school syllabus
  4. Inspire a love for reading 



INSPIRE is akin to a ‘tonic’, inspiring students to love reading, and be inspired to better themselves. The slew of interesting articles that cover a range of topics in each issue provide students with more than just entertainment, serving to tickle their intellectual curiosity and kindle a love for lifelong reading and learning.

INSPIRE is an upper primary and secondary school magazine targeted at young readers from 11 years and above.

True to its tagline, ‘Amazing Stories’, this magazine features fascinating fiction and nonfiction stories.


Each issue comprises model essayssituational writing pieces, and comprehension texts. Each article/section is accompanied by notes, and the comprehension sections include comprehension questions, crafted carefully to closely follow the ‘O’ level format, while the standard of the questions caters well to the lower secondary students.


Similar to the iTHINK Write issue, the INSPIRE Write issue also includes student essays. These include both Model student essays and Tweak student essays, the latter being essays that require some improvement. The Tweak essays are then modified slightly and the modified essay is printed next to the original one. The student essays motivate our student writers and create an interest in writing.

The judicious use of images and colour make the issue more interesting for the students and motivates them to pick it up and read. The INSPIRE Write Issue has received lots of positive feedback from lower secondary school students and teachers.

INSPIRE was nominated Best Educational Title in 2018 by Singapore Book Awards 2018.


INSPIRE will help you to:


  1. Observe various themes and interests
  2. Engage with language games
  3. Practice with exam-type questions
  4. Be exposed to different writing styles
  5. Ignite a love for reading




Be Bold, Confident and Ready with “i” magazine


What do you get when you blend English language learning with five cups of entertainment, ten tablespoons of confidence boosters, ten tablespoons of fun and a dash of mischief? The result is “i” magazine!

“i” magazine is an upbeat theme-based read that features articles and comic strips of current and interesting topics such as food (Chomp), popular media (Media Mania), and wild animals (Walking with the Wild). 

It also features regular sections such as Growing Pains (Life Hacks!), Line of Work (Career), The Red Carpet (Inspiring Personalities) and Lang Game, which are popular amongst our young readers. “i” magazine is all about the learner. 

“i”  is an enrichment magazine in Singapore that stands out boldly from the rest. If you have learners who have little interest in reading and cannot seem to get past the first page or if you simply want to provide an exciting reading experience for your child, let them read i” magazine.

The texts in this enrichment magazine in Singapore follow closely the standard and format of texts outlined in the MOE English Language syllabus. The Lang Game section consists of crossword puzzles, word search and anagrams whereas Growing Pains helps students understand and manage their emotions better.


The issue includes essays, reading and listening texts, among others. The use of QR codes for audio recordings of listening and oral activities also makes it a more interesting and effective experience for the students.

“i” magazine also contains info bites, brainteasers, YouTube videos, SEL questions and word banks.


“i” magazine will help you to:


  1. Boost your confidence
  2. Increase your knowledge
  3. Be entertained and inspired
  4. Better manage anger and stress
  5. Improve your English



Storytime is a magazine for kids in Singapore full of awesome stories.

It’s packed with fairy tales, legends, poems, word banks and much more – all beautifully written and illustrated, with puzzles, games and colouring too!


Every issue of Storytime comes with one classic story, one or two poems and an extract from a favourite children’s book. The variety of stories are perfect for young readers.


Some stories include:

  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • The Lion and the Mouse
  • Town Mouse and Country Mouse
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Three Little Pigs
  • The Cat Maiden
  • The Three Fishes


Find out more about the brilliant stories inside!

Storytime will help you:


  1. Learn morals and life lessons the fun way
  2. Inculcate a love for poetry
  3. Spark interest in English through stories
  4. Engage in the appreciation of cultures through classic tales from all over the world
  5. Taste the essence of children’s literature with abridged extracts


 For more information, please contact: [email protected]


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