Discover STORYTIME, Singapore's Best Reviewed Publication for Lower Primary School Children, with Stories That Will Get Them to Love Reading and Do Better in School.

A good command of English is essential for success in life and it is important to develop it at an early age. However, it is often difficult to find good material that is also at the right level. 


We want our children to succeed in life and in school, but it is a real challenge to find resources that can help our children develop a desire for reading and to improve their language and comprehension skills at a young age.


Therefore, we introduced STORYTIME, the magazine designed for you to spend time with your children while helping them improve their English skills – delivered right to your doorstep, every two months.




We publish STORYTIME to help the reader learn about the world in all its diverse beauty.


We explore stories from many different cultures and nations, covering different topics that help the child be excited to learn from the best medium – Stories!


Every illustration on this page comes from a STORYTIME issue. Each story is beautifully illustrated with stunning images that give the reader visual cues to help with retention and keep them excited to turn the page, therefore keeping their attention on reading and learning.


We love it when our readers are excited to read!

Unlike many other publications, STORYTIME is targeted specifically at young readers who have just started school.


We try to give them stories written at their level so they can enjoy reading for themselves, or perhaps with a little bit of help from a parent.

With each issue, we plan for the stories to capture the young reader’s imagination and also help them improve in their language skills.

We believe that parental involvement is very important in a child’s reading journey. We have designed STORYTIME to be an activity that parent and child can do together. Some stories have activities that you can work through with your child. More than just for fun, this helps with understanding, retention and learning.

Get 6 issues of STORYTIME delivered to your door starting with our January issue. With each issue, you get 8-10 stories written for your child’s level with beautiful illustrations. Many of the stories come with activities you can do with your child, as well as word lists for each story to aid in your child’s understanding and improve your child’s language skills.


We are sure you will love STORYTIME, but if the first issue of your subscription doesn’t meet your expectations, we would like to offer you a money-back guarantee. 

Please drop us an email at [email protected] and our admin staff will follow up and process your refund right away!