Have you heard the saying “do what you love” but wondered if it would ever apply to you? Don’t think it’s possible to make a career out of something you do for fun? Here are some possible career paths related to your current hobbies.

1. For those who are constantly doodling in class:

Look into a career as a designer, where your artistic talents and creativity will be highly valued. Many businesses require graphic designers, especially in their public relations and marketing departments. Other related areas include game design and animation. Can’t decide which option best suits you? Take a look at what you tend to draw – it provides useful hints at your personal inclinations. Always imagining new outfits and making sketches of them? Fashion design might be for you. On the other hand, if you like drawing concrete structures like buildings, architecture might be a better fit for you.

2. If PE is your favourite lesson:

There is much more to the world of sports than being a professional athlete. If you love watching the action but don’t necessarily want to be a part of it, there are still many careers you can consider. Most athletes are supported by teams of dedicated professionals who help them reach peak performance. For example, athletic trainers do the important job of preventing athletes from encountering injuries during training and competitions. Conversely, physical therapists are usually involved post-injury, helping athletes through the recovery process. Athletes also benefit from the help of sports psychologists, who train athletes to use psychological strategies to perform under pressure.

3. For the social media savvy:

If you find yourself regularly checking social media and thinking about the best time to post so that you can get the most “likes”, you might be interested in social media marketing. This area of business draws on your expertise in social media and a good command of language, allowing you to contribute to the company’s digital marketing strategy. Alternatively, if your favourite part of social media is framing and editing beautiful photos, consider photography, film and video editing, or the graphic design careers mentioned above.

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