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We all know that a good command of English is important, so what is it costing your child to not have the right resources available to read?

How do you know that the books you purchase are pitched at the right level for your child?

How many children are losing out to their peers just because their standard of English is poorer? 

It is totally normal to worry about your child’s development. You are not alone. You just need the right resources to capture your child’s attention and start them reading.

We have exactly what you need. Our publications are written by dedicated educators, adhering to MOE’s latest guidelines and targeted at your child’s specific level. Every issue is packed with topics that will capture your child’s interest as well as help them improve school grades.

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You’ll save time

Because the publications will be delivered straight to your mailbox regularly.

You'll equip your child for success

Because these publications also come with tips and tricks to help your child tackle tests and exams better.

Your child won't be bored

Because along with level-specific content, we have also included activities and questions to help them get the most out of the content.

You will not have to worry

You won’t have to be concerned about whether it is suitable for your child because each publication has content written specifically for different levels.


iLovereading was founded in 2009. Since then, we have published over 50 issues, sold over 700,000 copies and have reached over 200,000 readers.

iLovereading publications can be found in over 60% of Singapore schools and have received rave reviews from teachers, parents, and students.

In 2018, 2 of our magazines, iTHINK and INSPIRE, were awarded as Finalists for the Best Education Title by Singapore Book Publishers Association.

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At iLovereading, we know firsthand the difficulty of searching for level-appropriate resources to help our kids do better in school, only to be faced with the uncertainty of whether the content is suitable for our children or is even interesting enough that they will want to read.

That is why we publish our own content, catered to specific levels, and delivered straight to your door.

Here’s how it works: Simply subscribe to the publication suitable for your child’s level, wait for it to be delivered to your mailbox, then get your child enjoying reading and learning!

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